What Makes A Good Caterer?

Houston is filled with lots of Catering Service providers seeking to get the attention of clients. This makes it difficult choosing the best that will provide an excellent service delivery, says executive event planner at Astral catering. Nevertheless, there are a few traits that every client should look out for as a good caterer possesses these.

Although each day poses a new challenge, a skilled caterer would find ways of navigating around this to provide his client with the best experience ever. Here are a few of them.


Catering is all about cooking. Regardless of the decoration arrangement, planning and music, if the food tastes awful, guests would leave with a bitter experience. Great caterers with exceptional culinary skills adds charm to the event. Catering service providers needs to be familiar with food preparation, recipe, reheating and transportation of large amounts of foods.


How creative is the caterer you are about to hire? Does the team have sufficient experience in handling an occasion like yours? It requires creativity and imagination to adapt to any situation on demand. Even as a prudent client should look out for this, a creative caterer should develop food recipes that would deal with food allergies, meeting the personal preference of a client.

Complete Service Capabilities

There is no doubting the fact that clients expects good food from their caterer, however, service delivery must be of high standards. Occasions will undoubtedly present stress, you should find a caterer that is capable of handling the stress the day presents so you and your guest can have a great time.


How accessible is your caterer? During the course of planning, a lot of issues would be considered. You need to find a caterer that would be easily accessible so you can discuss these changes, not a service provider who barely returns your calls. As a client, pay attention to the fine prints as this could be the difference between a successful occasion and a disappointment.


This cannot be compromised. There are lots of catering service providers to choose from in Houston. Do not settle for one who wants to shape your occasion based on his capabilities. You need to go for one who has the ability of providing above average service in line with your dreams, goals and expectations.


Catering service is not just centered on the preparation and serving of food. It also has to do with effective and responsible leadership and a blend of organized coordination. The entire team should work in tandem, achieving all goals and aspirations of the day. This is also very necessary in providing guidance and correct advice to clients.

Customer Service

This is very important. Everyone wants to be treated in a special way especially when they are paying for a service. Catering service providers should treat their clients in high esteem, attending to their request in a professional and prompt manner. Display confidence and enthusiasm carrying your clients along every step of the way. This is part of what leads to repeat patronage.

Guests are not Customers

A skilled caterer knows that every client should be treated as a guest; not a customer. No doubt, you were hired to provide service, it should not be seen from this perspective alone. Treat your client as a guest, show love, compassion and hospitality.  Clients look out for this and when they have a WOW experience, there are most likely to tell up to 5 other people and there is a higher chance of repeat patronage.

As a client, never settle for a cookie-cutter option. There are several caterers in Houston. Let these criteria be your guide as you shop for the right one that meets and exceeds your expectation.


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