(per person a-la-carte)

Lobster Bisque

A rich, creamy bisque with bits of lobster

*  *  *

Potato Corn Chowder

Rich potato chowder with roasted corn kernels

*  *  *

Butternut Squash

Creamy and smooth topped with crème fraîche

*  *  *

French Onion

Classic french onion sprinkled with provolone cheese and served with toasted sliced baguettes

*  *  *

Prosciutto & Wild Mushroom

Broth based soup with rendered Prosciutto, wild Mushrooms & root vegetables

*  *  *

Baked Potato Soup

Made with russet potatoes, heavy cream & cheese

*  *  *

Tomato Basil

A creamy tomato basil purée

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