“Inter-Action“ Station

Per Person

Mashed Potato Martini Bar

Our homemade mashed potatoes or sweet mashed potatoes, chopped roasted sirloin, sour cream, scallions, bacon bits, shredded cheddar cheese, jalapenos, diced tomatoes, bell peppers, chive butter, sweet potato straws and served in a martini glass

*  *  *

Gourmet “Mac and Cheese” Bar

Our macaroni in a Quattro fromaggio sauce, foccacia bread crumbs, bacon pieces, grated parmesan, minced chives, balsamic glazed Portobello mushrooms, and crème fraiche

*  *  *

Pasta Station

Choice of two different  pastas, spaghetti, angle hair, bowtie, penne, tricolor tortellini, ziti, rigatoni and served with mushrooms, black olives, bell peppers, onions, diced tomatoes, ground beef, shrimp and topped off with marinara or alfredo sauce with a sprinkle of Parmigiana cheese

*  *  *

Fajita Station

Beef and chicken with tortillas, diced tomatoes, white onions, peppers, Mexican cheese, sour cream and served with red or green salsa

*  *  *

Shrimp Martini Bar

Prepared by a culinary attendant
Jumbo prawns, pineapples, sour cream, apple wood bacon, cheddar cheese, chives, shredded iceberg, limes, our signature spicy cocktail sauce and served with flat bread

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