Pick Up / Delivery Holiday Menu

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Pick Up / Delivery Time Frames
Day Before Thanksgiving 12PM-6PM
Thanksgiving Morning 9AM-1PM

$16.95 per person

  • Entree

    (Choice of one)

    Herb Roast turkey breast with creamy gravy

    * * *

    Fried Turkey
    Herb deep fried turkey cooked to perfection with creamy gravy

    * * *

    Virginia Baked Ham
    Slow cooked & tender served with honey demi glaze

    * * *

    Braised Short Ribs
    Slow cooked & tender served with Bourbon BBQ sauce


    Rosemary Roasted Potatoes
    Roasted potato wedges tossed with chopped garlic, fresh rosemary, black pepper, paprika, olive oil

    * * *

    Garlic Mashed Potatoes
    Red potatoes mixed with roasted garlic, thyme, butter, heavy cream, white pepper and salt

    * * *

    Mashed Sweet Potatoes
    Sweet Potatoes cooked until tender and mashed

    * * *

    Sweet Potato Wedges
    Roasted potato wedges tossed with our chefs signature seasoning


    Cornbread Stuffing
    Made with bacon red onions, corn, rice, celery and pecans

  • Vegetables

    Green Beans Almondine
    Green beans sautéed with sliced onions, red bell pepper, chopped garlic

    * * *

    Harvested Baby Carrots
    Spiced rum sautéed baby carrots

    * * *

    Sweet Cambray
    Glazed chambray onions and ham

    * * *

    Smoked Veggies
    Roasted Squash and zucchini

    * * *

    Spicy Green Puree
    Wasabi and peas puree


    Spring mix with cucumber, tomatoes, red onions, yellow bell pepper, house vinaigrette or ranch dressing


    $3 per person

    Berries Crostata Rolls

    * * *

    Cinnamon Rolls

    * * *

    Pie Squares Tray
    Variety of pie squares Apple Pumpkin & Pecan


    Holiday Pies

    $25 per pie

    Apple, Sweet Potato, Pumpkin & Pecan