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  • 1 Full Service

    Our full service catering can be luxurious or have a down home vibe. The full service events can include buffet tables matched with quality food distribution. Astral catering always wants to uphold the highest levels of customer care, which is why we work directly with our clients to create a menu for full service that will match exactly what the client envisions.

    Astral Catering will provide full service catering when you are hosting a party or during any important occasion. Our professional chefs will prepare great tasting meals your guests will enjoy.

  • 2 Corporate Catering

    Many business receptions are in need of a good menu on a tight budget, and the culinary geniuses at Astral catering will meet these needs. Astral’s corporate menu offers options that cater to a large scale production or a small, more intimate gathering with a range in pricing that makes it easy to work within a strict corporate budget.

    We will provide only the finest delicacies prepared in a way that will not only satisfy hunger but also invigorate patrons for another session or seminar. Corporate catering is perfect for feeding valued attendees or esteemed co-workers and Astral provides only the highest quality cuisine to Houston businesses.

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  • 3 Specialty and Themed Events

    Marking a milestone or celebrating a holiday themed party can really make for the most memorable events. It is necessary to have a caterer that will create a menu to the specifications of their client in order to pull off the perfect themed affair.

    When throwing specialty celebrations professional attention is often needed. In these special times Astral Catering delivers a menu that provides party hosts and guests with the perfect meal to keep the good times going. Our quality chefs create cuisine that is memorable and made specifically according to client’s need.

  • 4 Weddings

    There are few events more important than a wedding, and the food must match the occasion. A good wedding caterer in Houston understands that a wedding event must have the highest level of quality. Astral Catering provides stellar service and delightful cuisine that fits exactly into the budget and decor that the bride and groom are seeking.

    Every wedding is different and it is important for a caterer to understand that with each wedding they will be catering a special menu that signifies how special the day is. Astral always works closely with clients to form the menu and suggest other options to assist in making a wedding perfect for the couple and their guests. Our team is well-trained, experienced and passionate about perfecting your celebration!

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  • 5 Cocktail Parties

    Highbrow, upscale soirees such as cocktail parties not only draw in a specific and unique crowd but also require a menu that reflects the event. These events are generally held in the evening with a more fancy attire required and it is imperative that the food served matches the quality of the party.

    Astral Catering understands the necessity of providing elegant appetizers and small plates at a cocktail party and always delivers the most beautiful and decadent dishes to its clients. The team at Astral Catering has menus already prepared for these occasions or will sit down and build a menu directly with their clients.

  • 6 Business Meetings

    A business meeting can be between coworkers or with high level clients. Either way Astral Catering can provide the best appetizers or lunch plates to satiate workers so that they can sit through long meetings.

    We can drop off platters of delightful deli meats or fun sandwiches during a lunch break or sumptuous appetizers to be enjoyed throughout the meeting. Either option or even full service will be sure to provide the perfect effect to any stifled business arena and will definitely give all workers the energy to get through the day with vigor.

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  • 7 Community Events

    The Houston area is lively and connected, and community events are a highlight for all citizens. The food served at these events must match the lively demeanor of the attending citizens. Astral Catering understands this need. We can cater a large event with full service or drop off meals for community  members who are throwing and serving their own celebration.

    Our catering services are perfect for both occasions. Our willingness to be flexible with our menus to fit into any client’s specifications makes it easy to work us. We are a local Houston catering company and our professional staff can create almost any menu to satisfy our clients.

  • 8 BBQs & Picnics

    Barbecue is one of the most coveted Texas cuisines, and Astral Catering creates some of the most tasty traditional barbecue in the industry. From pulled pork to spare ribs Astral Catering can provide the most divine choices for a barbecue picnic or event. Houston catering industry is competitive and the area is very influenced by barbecue.

    That is why Astral can provide a client with barbecue to their exact specifications. The mission of Astral Catering is not only to create the most quality experience for a client but also to live up to the decades of barbecue tradition in Houston, Texas.

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  • 9 Box Lunches to Go

    For seminars or long work events sometimes box lunches ‘to go’ are the best option for a lunch period. Astral catering provides absolutely delicious foods in each of their box lunch options. These box lunches can contain the meats of the event planner’s choice or even options chosen by the seminar attendees, whichever works best for the client.

    Box lunches are a fantastic choice for those looking to provide a lunch but also allow their attendees to leave the general area of the event with the lunch. Box lunches allow a bit more freedom on a lunch break for the event goers and provide an easier option in terms of service.

Reservation Requirements

A 50% deposit is required to reserve the date, and a signed contract will confirm the details. Due to a limited availability of dates, a portion of the deposit is non-refundable in the event of cancellation. We accept credit cards for your convenience. A travel fee for events more than 20 miles from our location will be added to your proposal.

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