(Comes with bag of chips or cup of yogurt)

Tuna Salad

Our signature tuna salad is spread on ciabatta bread with a slice of lettuce, red onion and tomato

*  *  *


Slow cooked turkey breast on ciabatta bread with a spicy mayo, American cheese, lettuce, red onion & tomato

*  *  *


Grilled vegetables on ciabatta bread with a spread of pesto and mozzarella cheese

*  *  *

Roast beef

Our signature roast beef is on ciabatta bread with melted mozzarella cheese, with roasted bell peppers, onions

*  *  *


Virginia bakes ham on ciabatta bread with Dijon mustard, grilled peppers, onion, tomato & pepper jack cheese

*  *  *

Pulled Pork Burgers

Slow cooked pulled pork on a lightly toasted hamburger bun with a side of barbecue sauce

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