Cocktail Party Catered Event Ideas

It does not take a special occasion for a flashy catered cocktail party with a beautiful flare to be organized. Despite the party venue and type, the versatility of creative ideas for cocktail parties allows for use in different occasions such as wedding receptions, holiday parties, promotions, charities, birthdays, housewarmings and anniversaries, among other events.

Depending on the organizer’s taste and preference, a cocktail party can either be luxurious or simple without losing its flare. The amount of food to be served, dress code, formality level and the chosen theme determines whether the cocktail party is a buffet or reception.

There is an endless list of menus for cocktail parties and food can be tailored to cater for the specific event. Cocktail buffets are perfect for formal events. A long traditional buffet table or smaller buffet stations can be used to display foods that are finger friendly; gourmet finger trays for food and hors d’oeuvres can also be used for hand passing the served dishes.

The addition of fine champagne makes up stylish formal cocktail black-tie events or wedding receptions. A great way to let guests enjoy a cocktail party while networking is to space out canapés, crudités, cold finger foods for refreshment, hors d’oeuvres and dips served in an outdoor garden, home or a reception area on buffet stations.

An alternation of either cold or hot finger food trays between stations, or circulating them throughout the party venue, periodically, is unbeatable. A creative yet fun idea for a cocktail party in summer entails serving Popsicle, frozen stick cocktails, instead of the usual drinks served with ice.

A chili bar for a cocktail party is not just hot, but also versatile. Whether it is a vegetable, beef, chicken or pork serving, guests should be availed a range of chili to make their own food toppings, depending on their taste and preference. An English style garden that consists of teacups filled with short bread is not just creative but also elegant.

For an event with a feminine theme, quaint and dainty is a perfect choice. Letting guests make their own Guacamole appetizer by laying out the ingredients such as onions, tomatoes and cilantros on a long table ensures that they decide on what they want on their plate. For desserts, mini apple pies or a station featuring a variety of ice cream flavors, will finish up the event in style.

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