Choosing A Theme For A Wedding Reception Dinner By Houston Astral Catering

While most weddings have a theme to them that theme is sometimes only applied to the ceremony itself. However, it is not unheard of for couples to want a themed wedding reception as well. When a wedding reception has a specific theme the dinner menu should reflect that theme. This will dictate the type of food that is served and, in some cases, even how the food is served.
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A couple who share an Italian heritage will likely want to have an Italian style wedding reception and this means certain foods should be a staple, such as antipasti, beef lasagna and Caesar Salad. However, a couple who resides in and/or met in Texas may want a Tex Mex theme to their wedding. This means that foods typically served would include enchiladas and other dishes synonymous with Texas. Couples choosing to have an oriental theme for their wedding will likely want food such as lo mein, pepper steak and Asian salad as part of the menu.

Middle -Eastern themed wedding receptions often include foods such as kabobs made with chicken or beef as well as saffron rice, hummus and Tabbouleh salad. A southern wedding of any kind usually calls for menu items that include pork ribs and brisket, whereas a Greek themed wedding calls for dishes such as Baked Pasticcio and Greek Salad and Moussaka.

There are countless different themes that a couple could choose for their wedding that they will want reflected in the dishes served by their caterer. This means that any decent wedding caterer is able to adapt to a couple’s planned theme to come up with a menu that fits in perfectly. They will be able and willing to work closely with the bride and groom to help determine what should be served when. It is helpful if the catering company a couple picks will provide not only dishes for their wedding reception but for the cocktail hour as well. Many couples also choose to hold a breakfast for guests the morning after the wedding and a good; will be able to cover this event as well.
Menu choices should not be set in stone and most catering companies will allow couples to personalize their menu as much as possible. This is a great way for any couple to work together with the right catering company to help create a memorable experience for everyone involved.
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